Sales & Marketing Focus

DePalma Hotels & Resorts understands that effective, focused, and diligent Sales & Marketing is critical to your hotel’s success. Our ANNUAL SALES & MARKETING PLAN is instrumental to improving revenues and includes extensive market information, detailed goals and specific budgets designed to maximize each property’s performance. DePalma’s experienced corporate marketing team consistently provide timely support and direction for property management and sales teams through regular property visits and communication. Our customized SALES TRACKING SOFTWARE provides real-time review of Sales Activity, Bookings, and Projections necessary for effective planning and rapid response to market changes. As one of the first hotel management companies to understand and embrace e-commerce, DePalma has a track record of success in E-COMMERCE MANAGEMENT that consistently provides a competitive advantage for DePalma properties in their market.

"Without acquiring anybody, DePalma has moved up to the big leagues. He is aggressive and will help investors find properties he can manage or need assistance with development. He is finding success in an industry that is more competitive than it has ever been in the past.”

John Keeling
Senior Vice President
PKF Consulting